Store moments for 50 years

BTEL tokens can be used to purchase moments stored on the blockchain. They can also be used to vote for moments.

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About the BTEL token

BTEL is a utility token that allows you to store moments on the blockchain. The current cost is 100/gb which is $1 for photo(s) up to 10mb. This covers the cost of storing the photo(s) for 50 years. Photos can be regular photos, 360 photos, or videos. The photo(s) will be stored on the IPFS.

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How BTEL Works

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Moment Metadata

Every moment contains geolocation data, and metedata associating a specific address. A given location will show a list of moments. The top-voted moment will be featured by default. Other moments can be selected from a menu. A group of moments can be linked to each other. When viewing a group, the user will see markers to teleport to other moments in the group.

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Public or Private

Moments can be public or private. Public photos are visible to anyone while private photos are visible only to you and who you share it with. The BeTeleported Moments application, shows public moments on a map, at the geolocation of where the photo was captured.

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100 BTEL tokens can be purchased for .0008 ETH. 100 BTEL tokens can be used to purchase blockchain moments at a single geolocation. 5 BTEL tokens can be used to vote up a moment on the blockchain. The top rated moments will be most visible for people to see.

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BTEL tokens may be purchased with USD. For $20 you get 1500 BTEL. As the value of ETH goes up, BTEL will go down, in regards to the exchange rate. This is because you have to be able to pay with ether, we want to provide monetary incentives for this, while still allowing you to pay with Fiat to lower the barriers to adoption.